The Nubel Foodplanner

The Nubel Foodplanner

From now on you can access the new Nubel Foodplanner not only from your computer or laptop, but also from your smartphone and tablet. On this website you will find more information illustrating the different options available.

We also have launched a Foodplanner for restaurant owners. With Nubel Foodplanner RESTO you can, in the blink of an eye, find out the nutritional value of your recipes. This information is of great added value, in preparing a variety of balanced dishes. The directive we apply is the reference intake for an average adult, equivalent to 2000 kcal (8400 kJ).

As you can see, Nubel Foodplanner is evolving with these rapidly changing times. One thing however hasn’t changed: we at Nubel continue to focus on delivering a Foodplanner which you can rely on to help establish a healthy and balanced diet.

The Nubel Foodplanner is an Internet application with which you can in a user-friendly way follow up on your eating habits and adjust them where needed. After all, building up good eating habits is important for everybody, also when you have a healthy weight.

Healthy nutrition and healthy physical exercise always go hand in hand. By using the Nubel Nutrition planner you can perfectly calculate the balance between the digested calories (what has been eaten) on the one hand and the burnt calories (amongst others physical exercise) on the other hand.

The Nubel Foodplanner itself is based upon the Nubel brand name databank. This database is continuously updated and already contains more than 3600 current foods available on the Belgian market..

The Nubel Foodplanner available on tablet, smartphone and PC!

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Participated in this edition of the Nubel Foodplanner:

Sport Vlaanderen

Sport Vlaanderen is the sports administration of the Flemish Community.


Flandria is thé Belgian quality label for fruit and vegetables. It is used by the 6 most important fruit and vegetable auctions grouped together under LAVA (Administrative and Logistic Association of Auctions).
Many thanks to Flandria for the delivery
of recipes and photo material.


NICE, Nutrition Information Centre collects and distributes scientific and educational information on food and health.
Many thanks to NICE for the delivery of the “Tip of the day”

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