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Energie wordt aangebracht via de verschillende voedingscomponenten. 1g koolhydraten of suikers leveren 4 kcals of 17kJ , 1g vet brengt 9kcal of 38kJ aan, 1g eiwitten leveren 4kcal of 17kJ, 1g alcohol levert 7 kcal of 29kJ. Aldus kan de energiewaarde van de voedingsproduct berekend worden. 100g aardappelpuree bevat 2.7g eiwit (10.8kcal), 4.1g vet (36.9kcal) en 11.8g koolhydraten (47.2kcal). In totaal dus 95kcal of 413kJ.

Nubel Voedingsplanner PRO


This is a short introduction to the patient administration pages of Nubel.be. On these webpages hospitals, schools and professionals can administer their patients, editors and administrators.

1. Log-in

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: log-in

2. Create accounts for administrators and editors

There are three possible levels Log-in:

  • Organization Admin, this the person who manages the license within the organization (you so ...) they use their email and password to log in.
  • Admins admins can be eg. trainers, teachers, nurses etc ... . They can manage Editors Editors.
  • Editors are the people who enter the patient data. I.e. they use the Foodplanner PRO (students, health professionals, dieticians, ...)
  • Patients, patients cannot log-in.

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: Administration site

If you are logged-in, add new editors and possibly admins. If you do not have different departments or classes you do not need to define admins.

For Each student / caregiver you have to make an editor.

  • If the organization is a school, students can only see their own patients (Important) There are licenses for up to 25, 50, 100 etc editors.
  • If you are a dietitian you can only create one editor (self)
  • If the Organization is a hospital you can create unlimited editors and editors can see and manage each patient.

Add/edit Editors:

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: Add/edit Editors

Add/edit Admins:

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: add/edit Admins

Then you are ready to login as an editor and to add patients via the "Add New" button.

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: add patients

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3. Add Patients

To add a new patient, click on the "add new" link on the main screen. Complete the form and click on the "add new" button.

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: add a new patient

4. Edit Patients

To edit a patient click on the "modify" link after the patients ID.

5. Start the foodplanner application

Nubel Voedingsplanner Pro: start the diet planner in Dutch or French

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